2008 Gunnar Sport (sold)

I bought the Gunnar as I was just starting to get into Randonneuring. Unfortunately I bought it before I had any idea what I really wanted out of a long distance bike. It was essentially replaced by the Cross Check though I kept it around for a while and used it on couple shorter brevets. Eventually I sold it to a guy who was giving it to his sister as a birthday present. Nice brother.

In case you're considering a Gunnar Sport don't let me scare you away. It's a great bike. My reasons for getting rid of it were all highly personal and subjective, for instance:
  • The geometry isn't well suited to a front load and I've decided that I really like using a handlebar bag for randonneuring. But if you prefer to carry stuff in a saddle bag, trunk bag or jersey pockets, it will handle the load just fine.
  • The handling was a bit twitchier than what I like in a distance bike. It's still more stable than most racing bikes and a lot of people would love the way it handles.
  • The biggest tires I could fit on it with fenders were 25mm and I really prefer 28mm tires. If you're okay with 25mm or 28mm without fenders, then it's not a problem.
  • The frame was a bit small for me. Really my fault for buying it with more of a racing fit in mind.
  • Aesthetically I prefer the classic look of a level top tube and lugs. The Gunnar definitely has a more modern look.
  • This one's entirely subjective, but the bike always felt a little bland under me. It had no personality. Many would probably say that's a good thing. For me, it just didn't offer any inspiration.

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